My name is Kirstina! I am an Ambassador Girl Scout and Mission Monarch is the title of my Gold Award project. My initial goal was to plant and distribute 1,000 new milkweed plants and seeds to aid in the migration of the Monarch butterflies. I am delighted to report that to-date, I have been able to plant and distribute over 5000 plants and seeds in over 100 locations in ten states and Canada. I've also raised and released 24 butterflies and planted a full butterfly garden.  I'm thankful for all the help I have received from everyone who has helped plant seeds and support Monarchs.  From this date forward each Earth Day in April, make it a habit to plant more milkweed and continue to grow habitat for Monarchs! This website will provide you with information on Monarchs and their migration, instructions for planting milkweed, and what you can do to help.




These beautiful butterflies will soon have no place to go, click here to learn more about Monarch butterflies.

Milkweed is essential in the Monarch Life Cycle, click here to learn how to plant and care for milkweed.

If you are interested in helping contact me here!

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